Oana's Ring

Ace of diamonds was recommended as a all-your-wishes-come-true kind of place, in terms of design and satisfaction, which, of course, made me very sceptic. I went there with a friend, in a casual visit, without planing to finalise an order.
Darren was sponataneous and had humor and warmth, so esential in any customer face to face line of work.
Actually he reminds me of Gulliver! But this is another story…
It was easy to describe what I thought I wanted my ring to look like.
I went there to take a stone out of a ring and go home with something special. Wedding aniversary kind of special.
His demeanor had transparent efficiency, humor and experience, and managed to transform my hesitation into an easy decision.
I went to get the ring on a Thursday night and wow, the ring was just right!
Ancient Greeks described the sphere as the perfect shape.
They didn’t see my ring!
Thank you Darren!


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