my engagement ring didn’t fit with my wedding ring (for over 25 years!) so I finally decided to do something about it. I had both rings made into one, along with my grandmother’s engagement ring. I was very apprehensive as I only really had 2 requirements – each diamond to be held in place by a circle of gold, as my grandmothers had been, and for the diamonds not to be high but to be as low set as possible. I could not be happier with the result. Darren has surpassed all expectations I had, he seemed to understand without being told! Thank you so much, I’m now so proud of my ring.


Stephanie's Fitted Wedding Ring

I was referred to Ace of Diamonds by a stranger at the Lakeside shopping centre. I couldn’t find a wedding band to fit my uniquely shaped engagement ring in any jewellery store.

I wanted something simple but stylish that would make my engagement ring stand out… And Darren TRULY delivered what he promised. At such a decent price too.

Thanks so much, I love it!


Ilona's Engagement Remodell

Hi Darren,

Thank you so much for remodeling my great grandmothers ring and making it a wonderful, elegant engagement ring for me. It is just gorgeous and so beautiful. Thank you for helping me with the ideas and showing me ideas & designs, and how it would work. The end result is way, way better than I could imagine. I am so delighted with it. It has a beautiful sparkle and is just so pretty. Thank you Darren, you’re such a breeze to deal with and I will recommend you to any of my friends.


I took my engagement & eternity ring in wanting them to be remodeled into one band. Darren listened to the idea’s I had & we then discussed his ideas & how it would work as one. The end result was even better than I imagined. I was so delighted. All the diamonds close together create a beautiful sparkle.

It was such a breeze to deal with Darren I will recommend him to my friends & start thinking what I can get remodeled next.


Art Deco Style Pendant

I love my pendant. I wanted a pendant that was elegant, with a reference to the art deco era and incorporating my own, small, ruby. The pendant you created was better than I had ever imagined. Small but beautifully formed.
Thank you


Hannah's Engagement Ring

Thank you so much for helping my fiancé design the perfect engagement ring. Its stunning and so different to anything Ive seen with the oval shaped London Blue Topaz gemstone. Its exactly what I wanted but never imagined it would be this beautiful! Love everything about it. Thank you!!!

Eddie and Hannah

Oana's Ring

Ace of diamonds was recommended as a all-your-wishes-come-true kind of place, in terms of design and satisfaction, which, of course, made me very sceptic. I went there with a friend, in a casual visit, without planing to finalise an order.
Darren was sponataneous and had humor and warmth, so esential in any customer face to face line of work.
Actually he reminds me of Gulliver! But this is another story…
It was easy to describe what I thought I wanted my ring to look like.
I went there to take a stone out of a ring and go home with something special. Wedding aniversary kind of special.
His demeanor had transparent efficiency, humor and experience, and managed to transform my hesitation into an easy decision.
I went to get the ring on a Thursday night and wow, the ring was just right!
Ancient Greeks described the sphere as the perfect shape.
They didn’t see my ring!
Thank you Darren!


Hi Darren, we would like to thank you for the wonderfully created engagement ring you designed for us, to replace the previous one which was missing a stone amongst other issues. It fits perfectly between the 2 outer rings. Your design and finish with the emerald placed in the center with diamonds either side and detailing is simply stunning. It truly finishes off all 3 pieces and makes them a unique set. The rings speak for themselves and we are already referring your expert workmanship and professional, friendly business manner. You are a gem of a jeweler. Kind regards Tracey and Jaques.

Tracey and Jaques

Darren remounted my wifes diamond engagement ring so that it sat better between her other rings and also added two diamonds either side. The result was fantastic and Kath was blown away. Darrens design idea, workmanship and final cost were outstanding. I would highly recommend having a chat with him if you want something that little bit special. Thanks again.


When my wife had to make a sudden trip home to Europe I took her engagement ring to have the re-setting done that it had needed for years. Darren did an amazing job and managed to get it done for me before Christmas so that I could surprise Laura with it on her return. She was absolutely delighted with the work and reckons it looks better now than it did when it was new! So-much-so, Darren is now replacing a missing diamond and re-setting her eternity ring as a surprise for the 30th anniversary of our first date tomorrow! Top class workmanship and many thanks for your efficient and professional service Darren. Regards, Alan


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