The Choice

Despite being a romantic at heart, buying a diamond involves some measure of practicality. So among the plethora of information available, I would like to offer some more practical guidance from my many years of experience.

Choosing a diamond for many is a very personal decision. There are many factors to consider that will determine the appearance of the stone and the effect on your budget. Budget is not a very romantic part of the decision I know, however a very necessary one. All the information about the 4 C’s eventually comes down to budget.

If you are looking for a diamond then you should have by now been introduced to the 4 C’s  as they are called. My previous mention was in no way intending to diminish their importance but simply to make it relative. You see there is a big difference between knowing what is good and either wanting it, or being able to afford it. Let me explain this in more everyday practical terms.

You have a budget, do you buy a 50pt (1/2 carat) diamond in a Hearts and Arrows and get a precision cut stone full of light and colour. Or a 100pt (1ct) in a lesser grade cut. In other words do you want a big stone or a ‘perfect’ stone?

Once again…

You have a budget, do you buy a 50pt (1/2 carat) diamond in a VVS1. Or a 100pt (1ct) in an SI1. In other words do you want a big stone or a less flawed stone?

In an SI1 stone there is every chance you won’t see the flaws, depending where they are. Making this for many an acceptable compromise in attaining a larger stone for the price and the one I most often recommend where budget is a consideration. It is however, up to you if you are happy with this compromise. More about diamond clarity.

The same can be done once again with Colour. Although one must be careful as colour quickly becomes more noticeable. A nice white stone looks very nice, but you can save some expense dropping a grade or two with not too much loss. The colour grade “G” is the lowest I would be inclined to go (this is of course in my opinion). More about diamond colour.

 All of this being said, these are my opinions, some I am sure would argue.

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