Hearts and Arrows

Hearts and Arrows is an effect that is created when a stone is cut very well. When viewing the stone through a H’s and A’s viewer you can see from the underside of the stone, ‘Hearts’, and from the top ‘Arrows’. This you can see in the picture below. This is an effect that you will not likely notice generally while wearing a piece of jewellery utilizing this cut. However due to the accurate cutting to attain this effect, the brilliance achieved in the stone is remarkable, making for a beautiful stone full of fire and ‘scintillation’ as it is known. There are various ‘brands’ on the market today. I use Eternity Hearts and Arrows. They are all the same cut no matter the brand and there will be variations to a very small degree in each stone. See more at the hearts and Arrows webpage here.


The Hearts and Arrows effect.

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