My career in jewellery started in high school. I enjoyed the “industrial arts” and so followed this path in my subject choices. Among others, Jewellery was one of my options. I enjoyed the intricacy of jewellery making and this was reflected in the work I did, resulting in an honour certificate for the subject of jewellery at the high school that I attended.



On leaving school in 1987 I pursued the trade of Jeweller. After many letters to various employers I finally secured an apprenticeship. As a part of my apprenticeship I attended TAFE part time, which is where I earned my first award. “Best First Year Apprentice” for the trade of jewellery, 1988.

Two events took place in 1990. One was the “Shinju Matsuri” Pearl jewellery design competition. A competition in which I could compete in an apprentice division. It required the use of at least one Australian South Sea Pearl. My first entry to this competition was an unfortunate affair. One of the judges broke my piece resulting in my disqualification. Also in 1990 I partook in a competition called the “Work Skill Olympics” held at the Burswood Dome, where members of all trades compete in a skill based project against all others of their own trade. As a 3rd year apprentice in 1990 I was awarded second place and received a silver medal.



The following year I once again participated in the “Shinju Matsuri” Competition. With a little more success this time. I created a neck piece using a length of black cord and a pendant made from 18ct gold and one mabè pearl. This won first prize 1991.

1992 held, once again, two opportunities for me. I again participated in the “Shinju Matsuri” design competition. I created a broach incorporating a piece of mallee root, surrounded by gold with the addition of a required pearl and several Argyle diamonds. This also won first prize.

The same year I was enrolled into the “Work skill Olympics” for the second time. This time I was awarded the gold medal. In 1992 I also received my certificate of trade studies completing my TAFE training.


In 1993 I received my certificate completing my apprenticeship in the trade of Jewellery.

From here I continued to work locally for a major Perth jeweller. After some time I accepted part time work from a fellow colleague allowing me to pursue my own work. However after a short time I chose to follow this jeweller in a move to sunny Queensland for what was to be, for me, a bit of a working holiday. This holiday lasted 6 years. In this time my skills were honed in that the jewellery I/we produced changed much in style to reflect consumer choices and fashion trends. Coupled with this and the high standard of craftsmanship my employers demanded of me resulted in a great deal of experience for me in many different areas of my work. Experience I enjoyed very much and has helped me greatly in the pursuit of future work.

Well after these years, and some big life events I found myself home in Perth once again. I have finally pursued my dream and have opened my own shop, Ace of Diamonds Jewellery which has now been established for four years, and as you will see from the testimonials page I have been able achieve a high level of satisfaction among my clientele.


I hope this little biography provides some insight into my history in the jewellery trade. Hopefully it can provide you with some confidence that the piece of jewellery you potentially purchase from me, will be of a high standard and quality.


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